What’s On Tap

What we can do

We can create a full wordpress site, with exact functionality of a WordPress Blog.  If you’ve never used WordPress, don’t worry!

It’s super easy, you can check out my sample site artefakt.es

Mine is minimalist but you can let your creativity flow with all of the design features of WordPress

You have the ability to make posts, link content, post pictures, seamlessly link to your Instagram, Facebook or Yelp pages,

Customers can create accounts so they can leave comments or see a history of their purchases

This is all fully manageable from the Admin screen accessible anywhere you have an internet connection

Main Page

Super simple Online Ordering

I was able to integrate WooCommerce which connects to Square and Paypal

I can help you create an SSL certificate so the site is 100% secure (which is a prerequisite for even using the above extensions).  You can take credit card payments or payment through paypal with this layer of protection.  Notice the below image to the left of the URL on all pages

You will have pages similar to any other site that offers online purchases.  There is a shopping section that can be broken out into categories. You can organize these however you want

Each product has its own page

You can control inventory, product information, sales scheduling, pickup information all from a control panel within the site

I have tested the payments functionality and it is incredible.  The checkout experience is seamless.  Once you determine method of purchase and pay, your order immediately gets logged into the system, your inventory updates automatically.  Your Square Account tracks all orders and payments in real time

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