High availability

On the cheap

This page is hosted on an Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute EC2.  The instance is a small, but fixed slice of an Amazon server running a Virtual Machine described below.

The operating system is Linux.  Securely connecting to the machine allows me to install Apache as a web server, MySQL as a database and WordPress as a content management system.  There publicly available images with these pre-installed but I prefer to build my own.  Instructions here.

If you are unfamiliar with these technologies, check them out just at a high level.  Operating system is the computer’s basic functionality.  A web server receives and directs web traffic.  A database reads and writes information to be stored and accessed.  A content management system basically allows people to easily manage a blog. Continue reading “High availability”

What’s On Tap

What we can do

We can create a full wordpress site, with exact functionality of a WordPress Blog.  If you’ve never used WordPress, don’t worry!

It’s super easy, you can check out my sample site artefakt.es

Mine is minimalist but you can let your creativity flow with all of the design features of WordPress

You have the ability to make posts, link content, post pictures, seamlessly link to your Instagram, Facebook or Yelp pages,

Customers can create accounts so they can leave comments or see a history of their purchases

This is all fully manageable from the Admin screen accessible anywhere you have an internet connection

Continue reading “What’s On Tap”

Starting out

My goal is simply to create a site that demonstrates a service I wish to provide.  I want to be able to quickly and inexpensively create a content space for others.  The goal is to allow a friend, acquaintance, student or neighbor to seamlessly create and maintain an web page.  This process should be simple, secure, educational and maybe a little bit of fun

I want people to use this to communicate with others, as a creative outlet, as a means to sell their wares

For our entrepreneurial minded I want to offer secure payment methods such as PayPal and Square online payments.  This should all be manageable by a user with any technological background.

It will be safe and secure with full SSL encryption.  Data stored on servers will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.  We should have the option to make our site highly available, fault tolerant, fast or bare bones

With the power of AWS and WordPress we can really get a lot of work done fairly quickly.  We can make use of out of the box extensions and applications with the click of a button

I’ll be demonstrating a few of the options I want to make available and from there it’s up to you